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12 steps to urban farming Marion Sourdois
12 steps to urban farming Elaine Kung

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Via the 12 steps you learn from experienced farmers, each with their specific background, their specific passion and their specific virtuosity!

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Learn about

  • The many different aspects of running an agriculture business. From the crops to grow and the technologies to use, to the marketing methods & business strategies
  • Comprehend different types of farming businesses: Urban, vertical, plant, mushroom, insect and high tech ecosystem farms
  • Master this knowledge the easy way: via educational & Inspirational documentaries, webinars & in depth interviews with the pioneers

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12 steps to success

  • Step 1 – Why do you Farm?
  • Step 2 – Story and background
  • Step 3 – How to chose your crops
  • Step 4 – Business Model
  • Step 5 – All about growing & technology
  • Step 6 – Resources, input & output
  • Step 7 –  Marketing & Customers
  • Step 8 – Partners or competitors
  • Step 9 – Location, Architecture & Agritecture
  • Step 10 – Financing
  • Step 11 – Law and Policy
  • Step 12 – Final advice

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Become a patreon and get access to:

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Who are the 12 step farmers?

12 steps to farming Pad en Stoel interview Zjef Van Acker

Pad en Stoel – Mushroom Farming lessons

Pad en Stoel was an urban farming mushroom project in the city of a girls best friend: Antwerp, Belgium. The farm was highly popular and successful, yet in the end closed its doors.

PLNT Antwerp Niels De Caigny 12 steps

PLNT – CEA farming in Antwerp

Learn from the best vertical farmer in Antwerp: Niels de Caigny! Via the 12 steps of PLNT you can learn about all aspects of running a Vertical farming.

Yara Nagi Sky Vegetables Rooftop Farm Bronx New York 12 steps to urban farming

Sky Vegetables – Rooftop greenhouse in the Bronx

Yara Nagi, operations manager at Sky vegetables talks about the 10.000sq ft Greenhouse, integrated into an apartment building in the Bronx, New York City!

Elaine Kung Agritecture Plus.Farm

Plus.Farm – DIY vertical farming system

The Plus.Farm is designed to be affordable, modular, customisable, and easy to use. This allows you to let your creativity go wild! We talked to Elaine Kung from Agritecture!

12 steps Square roots Green food solutions Street leafs Electra Jarvis Jonathan bernard

Square Roots entrepreneurs – Electra & Jonathan

Find out how 2 vertical farming entrepreneurs had the same technology, the same location and the same guidance, but started up 2 very different businesses.

Robbes Vertical Farm Finland Robert Jordas gutters

Robbes “Little” Garden – Finland

Want to combine the experience of the traditional greenhouse industry with vertical farming innovation? Then listen very carefully to Robert Jordas of Robbes in Finland.

Niraj Ray Cultivate the city The Nationals rooftop Urban farm

Cultivate the City – Washington DC

If you start an Urban Farm, take advice from someone who made 25 of them happen. Listen to Niraj Ray from Cultivate the city in Washington DC.

12 steps to urban or vertical farming Agritecture consulting team

Agritecture Consulting – New York City

Henry Gordon-Smith and Agritecture Consulting have started up many different Urban Farming projects. Learn from them, learn from the best.

Les 13 Blès – Goat farming for cheese

Les 13 blés is a GoatFarm connected to a Cheese Factory very close to the centre of France. It is run by the amazing Justine Floquet.

SmallHold mushroom farming New York

Smallhold – Mushroom farming in New York

2 skilled mushroom farmers from NYC bringing the farm to the consumer. How do they do it? Go and find out!

Coolfarm – Indoor Farming automation

CoolFarm is a Portugal based company that unites a highly skilled and motivated team of horticulturists, biologists, software and hardware engineers, product designers and business experts. Together, they create solutions for the indoor farming needs.

Oogstgoed – Community Supported Agriculture

A Belgian Urban farm that grows 200 different crops. They can do this because they apply a business model called Community Supported Agriculture aka CSA

Verticulture Aquaponic farming Miles Cretien

Verticulture – Aquaponic farming

Indoor Aquaponic farmers from NYC that provide fresh and highly nutritious food to economically and culturally diverse populations.

Millibeter Insect Farming Johan Jacobs

Millibeter – Insect farming in Belgium

Is organic waste one of the most valuable raw materials Belgium has to offer? If you ask Johan Jacobs, he might say yes!

Le Champignon de Bruxelles

Le Champignon de Bruxelles started with 3 friends. After reading some inspiring books, they discovered an emerging niche with an enormous potential to change the world for the good: the cultivation of mushrooms on organic waste sourced in cities.

Les Sourciers 12 steps to become an urban or vertical farmer

Les Sourciers – hydroponic farming in France

Les Sourciers are Marion Sourdois and Nicolas Sarlé, a Franco-Argentinian couple passionate about hydroponics and changing the food system. They’re the perfect example of the saying: “To change the world, start by changing yourself”.

Become a Patreon

Become a patreon and get access to:

+ The 12 steps community and network
+ 10 hours of in depth video documentaries, interviews & webinars.
+ Be part of the change!

Streamline your urban and vertical farming journey. Join the 12 steps community now!

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