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Champignon de BruxellesInterview Part 2Heading down into the caves to indulge ourselves with some mushroom spirit

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It’s hard to know where to start when talking about these amazing organisms. Fungi are by far the most undervalued organism on this planet. Most people only know them by their fruit, most farmers know them as pests, yet they hold so much more possibilities.

These magnificent creatures have been used by humans for over 10.000 years as food and medicine. But probably the most unknown factor about mushrooms is their importance for this planet’s ecosystem. They are the creators of life and they are the network that connects life.

And when it comes to farming them, it is important to know that they work in a completely different way than other organisms. To learn more about these wonderful organisms, check out the introduction to mushroom growing on Vertical Farming Academy.


Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) is a very interesting mushroom. It is known because it is delicious and also because it’s so healthy, that it is being used as a medicin. About 90 percent of world production of shiitake’s comes from China and the traditional substrate for shiitakes is wood sawdust, mostly oak. 

Le Champignon de Bruxelles chose the Shiitake for the above reason and instead of using traditional growing methods, they are looking to grow them on waste streams inside the city.

This is a new art and science, so expect this to change and improve more in the future.

King of Mushrooms

” The shiitake is also the king of the mushrooms. They are rich in protein and vitamin C and B12, are very good for blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition, shiitakes have a cancer-inhibiting effect due to the substance lentinan that enhances the immune system.”

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