12 steps tour of Smallhold

Tour with Smallhold - September 2016

Amazing insights and Beautiful tour of the SmallHold operations in September 2016

Minifarm Technology

Smallhold Networked Minifarms are 100% climate-controlled vertical farms. They employ the latest in agricultural technology.

Minifarms fit in small spaces and are outfitted with wifi, allowing growers back at Smallhold Headquarters to monitor and control the chamber from afar. This means Smallholders get all of the benefits of a modern farm but only have to take care of the best task: Picking and serving the produce.

More info on mushrooms

Mushrooms are seemingly mysterious and are super valuable to our world. They come in all sorts of colors, sizes, shapes and textures. Different species are found throughout our planet including on land, in water, in the air, and even in plants and animals.

Throughout history we learned how to use them for various purposes: to produce delicious foods like bread, cheese, and even beer, and they have also helped us save thousands of lives since they have helped us develop medicines.

Did you know the fungi kingdom is more similar to the animal kingdom than the plant kingdom? This is because they are eukaryotic and are not autotrophs like plants, they don’t have chlorophyll and instead, they obtain their food by decomposing matter or eating off their hosts as parasites.

Find more info on mushrooms via the open-source website: Vertical Farming Academy by the Association for Vertical Farming.