Marketing & video portfolio

Social media designs

Having beautiful and valuable social media content is a powerful way to reach your community and expand it at the same time.

The “12 steps to farming” designs visuals customised for the overal marketing strategy. From fun games to explaining an organisation’s services.

Our designs aim to create as much value as possible for the communities on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

12 steps to farming urban farming meme tournament

Marketing Campaign

The Urban Farming Meme Tournament. What better way to engage with your community then to have fun? Humor is a great way to convey values and attract even more people to this agriculture movement.

Twice a year the “12 steps to farming” engages with the global UF-audience by organising the the UF meme tournament. We challenge the community to come up with some genius memes. And after the creative and funny people in the movement do their thing, everyone can enjoy the hilarious memes by voting for their favourite memes.

Click here for the full report on the August 2021 tournament!

Creative Copywriting

The 12 steps to farming team has some talented copywriters.

With effortless ease we forge blog posts, newsletters and brand-stories that are engaging and easy to read.

You can witness these writing skills by exploring the latest content on the 12 steps website, reading the “about us-page“, and by scanning our social media.

If that isn’t enough, you can also examine the social media of Smart Farmers Tech and observe how we upgrade visuals with clever copywriting. Smart Farmers requested the 12 steps to create a marketing strategy and a social media plan with accompanying content. We obliged with pleasure!

12 steps to farming value statement

Valued Videos

The 12 steps to farming started in 2016 with a SmartPhone in hand, and evolved to a professional team of video-makers with state-of-the-art equipment and editing software.

We have the right people and the right partners to make professional videos. From trailers and compilations, to social media series and full documentaries.

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