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Skills with passion

The 12 steps team has a shared passion: To make this world a happier and healthier place via urban and vertical farming.

This intrinsic motivation causes us to want to perfect our skills in order to create the best education and marketing for the 12 steps community and our clients. With a combined expertise of +20 years in videomaking, marketing, webdesign and urban farming, we strive to turn everything we touch into gold!

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12 steps to farming team

the 12 steps history

Lou De Buck (VideoMe), Thibault Verougstraete (Eskidoos) and Zjef Van Acker are a group of friends who each have their own passions and focus.

And in 2016, Lou and Thibault saw that Zjef was suffering when he was working at the Association for Vertical Farming. The reason was that a lot of people from all around the world asked him the same question:

“How do I start a vertical farm?”.

Most of them wanted an easy answer, but Zjef knew from meeting a lot of different farmers and experts, that starting an urban or vertical farm is a lot of things, but definitely not easy.

Seeing how Zjef was frustrated that he could’t get that message across, Lou and Thibault offered to help by making educational video-documentaries about urban and vertical farming!

Zjef saw the light!

Instead of trying to teach, he would be asking the right questions. Instead of trying to explain how to start a farm, he would let the experienced pioneers take the stage!

So history came to pass. In 2016 Lou, Thibault and Zjef embarked on a worldwide trip to video-interview as many urban and vertical farmers from around the world. Initially under the name “Kikvors”, yet this soon changed to “12 steps to farming”.

Now, many years and documentaries later, the team has changed, yet the original concept remains: letting farmers teach farmers!

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