12 STEPS to farming MISSION and value STATEMENT

As a foundation of human civilisation, agriculture has an enormous potential to positively impact our attempts to fight climate change and protect biodiversity.

The 12 steps is not just a website where you can learn the ins and outs of running an urban farming business. With the 12 steps we want to make a significant contribution to making this world a healthier place.

We aim to be part of the solution by focusing on Urban Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), and by promoting knowledge exchange as a catalyst for the sustainable agricultural revolution.

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Three major opportunities

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(1) With CEA-technology we can maximize quality and quantity of crops, we can seriously reduce resource use like water and minerals, and we can grow food wherever and whenever we want.

(2) CEA-modules with different crops can together create ecosystems, mimicking nature. Outputs of one compartment can be used as a resource for another. As the efficiency of the high tech ecosystem grows, fewer resources and energy will produce more and more food. Aquaponics is just the beginning of this High Tech Ecosystem Farming evolution. Just ask the Melissa Foundation, a project by European Space Agency to create a life support system for long term space travel.

(3) Via urban farming different types of waste can be revalorised and used to produce food. Urban Ecosystem Farms are therefore an important link for cities to become entities in harmony with the natural world. 

Growing pains of a booming industry

According to the Global CEA Census Report of 2020 (Agritecture & Autogrow), as many as 45% of founders don’t have any prior experience, and 57% of businesses are not profitable in their first year.

This is a serious roadblock in the needed growth of this promising industry!

The “12 steps to farming” firmly believes that these challenges can be overcome via knowledge and experience exchange by farmers for farmers. Both technical and business challenges can be solved faster in order to create a better and stronger food system.

12 steps to farming mission statement

One planet, one food system

Creating a healthy food system is a global undertaking.

The 12 steps to farming therefore aims to bring the knowledge worldwide and at the lowest possible threshold. Easy to absorb interviews, documentaries & webinars are a start, yet we shoot for the moon.

We are a part of the global equality movement and we will always look to find ways to support those who are less privileged! If you need help or have ideas to upgrade our commitment, connect with us: grow@12stepstofarming.net

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