How are urban farmers changing the world?

New Video-podcast

I ask therefore I am (IATIA) has started a very interesting podcast series with the title: “How are urban farmers changing the world?“.

For the first episode IATIA invited, not an urban farming expert, but someone just outside of the movement. They Invited Koenraad Depauw from Strategies & Leaders, a consultancy for organisations that want to maximise their social and ecological impact.

Basically Koenraad Depauw is (1) asking podcast-host, Zjef Van Acker, the questions about urban farming that outsiders want to see answered, and at the same time (2) he is consulting the whole urban farming movement on how to change the world! An interesting podcast set-up you definitely have to check out! Click Here!

Where to find it

If you want to help change the world via urban farming, then you should definitely keep an eye on this new series by I ask therefore I am (IATIA).

Next to their Youtube Channel, you can also find the audio-only versions via these well known podcast platforms: SpotifyAnchorApple podcasts, Google podcasts, Pocket casts & RadioPublic.

You can also follow IATIA via these pages: