Food Democracy With Professor Maarten Crivits

Food Democracy

If you want the food system to be truly sustainable and know that we need more than just technology to save our asses, then you need to take a look at Food Citizenship & Food Democracy!

The podcasters from I ask Therefore I am released the third episode of “How are Urban Farmers changing the World?”. In that one they interviewed Professor Maarten Crivits. He is an expert on food democracy, food citizenship and food commons.

Maarten Crivits has an impressive portfolio: He is senior researcher at ILVO, institute for Research on Agriculture and Fisheries. He is Professor at Ghent university, teaching the master students of Conflict and Development. He is active at the center for Sustainable Development by the University of Ghent. And last but not least, he is part of the Food Counsel of Ghent, a group of key stakeholders in Ghent that advise the city on their food policy.

Watch the episode – click here!

Become a Food citizen

If you want to help change the world via urban farming, then you should definitely keep an eye on this new series by I ask therefore I am (IATIA).

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