PLNT – CEA farming in Antwerp

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Niels De Caigny was tired of his career as an electrician. Luckily for us all, the magical Youtube algorithm led him to video’s about urban and vertical farming.

He couldn’t shake off the idea of this amazing new industry, so he decided to make a plan. He was going to combine his electrical skill-set, his love for automation and his green thumb to start up his own vertical farm in Antwerp.

He started off with a lot of passion, but without a decent business case. Yet Niels persisted, and now, five years later, PLNT is an established and important entity in the Antwerp food system, moreover, they are on the verge of expansion.

Change the world!

Niels wants to help change the world for the better. He believes in the vision of Dickson Despommier that that indoor vertical farming has an enormous potential to solve a lot of local and global issues. Via Indoor Vertical Farming he wants to help give back to nature!

“There are many problems with conventional agriculture, and vertical farming could solve them all” (Niels De Caigny, 2021).

PLNT Antwerp 12 steps to farming
12 steps to farming step 4 PLNT Antwerp

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Do you want to learn from the best vertical farmer in Antwerp? Do you want to learn about the details of PLNT’s business plans, the challenges and the technical aspects of container farming?

Do you want to learn how Niels decided which crops to grow, how to market his products and how to deal with legislation?

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