Belgian urban farming Expert – Nele Lauwers

Belgian Urban Farming

I ask therefore I am (IATIA) strikes hard with their second episode of: “How are urban farmers changing the world?“.

For this episode IATIA invited Nele Lauwers. For the people who don’t know Nele, she is an expert new business models at BoerenBond, Belgiums biggest farming organisation. Next to that Nele is also active in Generation Food, an organisation that supports sustainable food entrepreneurs. And last but not least, she is a driving force within EFUA, the European Forum for Urban Agriculture.

Nele Lauwers has fantastic insights on the benefits of urban farming, its diversity and its impact on a local and international level! She also has extremely interesting knowledge because she works with rural farmers, as well as urban farmers!

Bringing these 2 worlds together, is it a challenge, or is it a match made in heaven? Find out via Youtube – Click Here!

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