Spreading Authenticity, Openness and Honesty.
Video is the format. Internet the medium.


The HQ of the collective is in the fantastic city of Gent (Belgium). Contact us via grow@12stepstofarming.net

zjef van acker

Zjef Van Acker

a.k.a. Prince Charming
Charms everyone into telling their story

Lou De Buck

Lou De Buck

a.k.a. the almighty Princess of video
The one that gets the work done

Thibault Verougstraete

Thibault Verougstraete

a.k.a. Prince Thiberius
the one that makes all things look pretty

The Brave History of the 12 steps collective

Once upon a time, in a country far far away, there were the three chosen ones: Princess LouLou, Prince Thiberius and Prince Charming. They were chosen, not because of their strength, their courage or their intelligence, but because of their love for awesome things.

And that night, while enjoying a warm campfire in the dark forest, they saw the light (which was obviously the campfire).

The flames showed them the awesome, beautiful and hopeful things that were happening in the world. Princess LouLou, Prince Thiberius and Prince Charming looked each other in the eyes and knew instantaneously what they had to do. The flames had spoken and had told them to spread the word so that more awesomeness, hope and beauty would arise from that.

KIKVORS, the digital media collective was born.

Kikvors? Yes, the 12 steps is a project by a greater collective: The KIKVORS Collective. We just love cooperation.

Hire a 12 steps hero to come and talk to you

The 12 steps collective loves to help you make video-stories about your project or a project you know of. The only requirement is that you tell it in an authentic, open and honest way.
Contact us for more information via grow@12stepstofarming.net