Smallhold - Mushroom farming in New York

SmallHold mushroom farming New York

The pioneers

Smallhold is Andrew Carter (left) and Adam Demartino (right), 2 skilled and motivated changemakers from New York City.  Via mushroom farming, they want to bring people into contact with their food in the simplest way possible: Bringing the farm to them. In doing so, they challenged the world to hold their food to higher standards of freshness, supply, and sustainability.

Smallhold Labs

Built entirely out of reclaimed shipping containers welded together, the Smallhold Lab serves as our central headquarters and distribution center, providing New York City with subscription produce daily. It also serves as a manufacturing facility for the SmallHold Minifarms and R&D center for new projects.

SmallHold north Brooklyn SmallHold mushroom farm

The 12 steps Tour

During the 2016 NYC Agtech week, the KIKVORS team was allowed to follow and film the exclusive Smallhold farm tour.

Get the tour and learn about the 12 steps Andrew and Adam undertook to transform their vision into reality – click on this is the LINK.