Coolfarm – Indoor Farming automation

CoolFarm indoor farming automation

The pioneers

CoolFarm is a Portugal based company that unites a highly skilled and motivated team of horticulturists, biologists, software and hardware engineers, web, mobile and product designers & marketing and business experts. Together, they create solutions for the indoor farming needs.

For growers, CoolFarm delivers a robust technology to help them improve the efficiency and the profitability of the farm.


CoolFarm has created a turnkey solution to grow local, fresh, nutritious and delicious food all year round with minimum waste and maximum safety. The system is automatic from A to Z, is customizable and modular, meaning that it is highly scalable, both vertically and horizontally, providing a quick return of investment.

Growers are now able to monitor and control all their farms at once, anywhere and anytime, through the most intuitive dashboard ever. Crop production is optimized due to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, resulting in more efficient management of resources.

CoolFarm indoor farming automation

The 12 steps Tour of Coolfarm

CoolFarm has a impressive R&D facility that has all functions of a Vertical Farm. Get a special tour by Goncalo and Sabrina in their unique Indoor Farm.

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Tour with Coolfarm

Learn from Sabrina and Goncalo taking you around the R&D facility

More info on indoor farming

CEA has a few unique aspects in addition to the standard outdoor cultivation methods. The main unique aspect of CEA is that it aims to provide and maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the development of a crop. This gives a measure of control over many of the uncertainties that cannot be controlled in a conventional outdoor growing environment.

Find more info on indoor farming via the open-source website: Vertical Farming Academy by the Association for Vertical Farming.

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