Les Sourciers - Hydroponic Farming in France

Les Sourciers 12 steps to become an urban or vertical farmer

The pioneers

Les Sourciers are Marion Sourdois and Nicolas Sarlé, a Franco-Argentinian couple passionate about hydroponics and changing the food system. They’re the perfect example of the saying: “To change the world, start by changing yourself”.

After some bold decisions they transformed from a cramped rat-race into a life of fulfillment through farming. And now they are the most loved farming couple in the whole of France.

Against all odds

Against all odds and advice, Marion en Nicolas followed their dreams. In 2013, Les Sourciers started up their first hydroponic greenhouse for educational purposes in Gers. As you will find out in their 12 steps story, their business is profitable by selling food, the educational part is a nice extra.

The video on the right tells you their attitude about following their dreams. It’s simple, yet never easy!