Le Champignon de Bruxelles

Le Champignon De Bruxelles mushroom farming

Le Champignon de Bruxelles started with Hadrien Velge, Sevan Holemans and Thibault Fastenakels. After reading some inspiring books, they discovered an emerging niche with an enormous potential to change the world for the good: the cultivation of mushrooms on organic waste sourced in cities. Without asking too much questions, they embarked on an adventure and went from young students to being successful entrepreneurs.

Waste is a valuable resource

It is time to say goodbye to our linear economic model of “take, make & dispose”. The circular and blue economy is about producing, consuming and regenerating in an endless creative spiral.

The young team of Le Champignon de Bruxelles has already experimented with growing different kinds of mushrooms on what was once seen as “waste”, for example coffee grounds and brewery waste. In this way, they recover the by-products of other industries and use them to grow mostly shiitakes.

And even after the harvesting of the mushrooms, the substrates are excellent excellent resources. They can be used as fodder, or to be added to the soils of (urban) farms in Brussels.

Also check out the best promo-video ever, made by Master Shiit and Shiitakid from the hip hop collective Pang! – 100% Bio.

The 12 Steps of le Champignon de Bruxelles