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Square Roots Electra Jarvis Jonathan Bernard 12 steps to urban and vertical farming

The Venturing Venturers

We already know there’s a lot happening around urban and vertical farming in New York City. Yet around spring 2018, Square Roots might be the most empowering project just yet. Tobias Peggs & Kimbal Musk (Yes indeed, brother of Elon) started a platform and a hands on accelerator program in the middle of Brooklyn. In 10 vertical farming containers, 10 young entrepreneurs can do their thing for 1 year.

We had the honour to go and talk to Jonathan Bernard and Electra Jarvis, two Square Roots entrepreneurs that were finishing their first year at SR.

Street Food Solutions

The Square Roots program works. Electra & Jonathan are the living proof of that. They grabbed this opportunity with both hands, chased their dreams and made it happen.

Both Electra and Jonathan have started up their own company during the program. Both Green Food Solutions & Street Leafs are now making New York City a happier and healthier place.

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The 12 steps of Jonathan & Electra

Give 10 entrepreneurs the same technology, the same location and the same guidance and they’ll start 10 identical companies…

Think again!

Both Jonathan & Electra go about their business very differently. In this episode they explain why and how, moreover, they also talk about the other entrepreneurs in the Square Roots program. A happy bunch.

Check the episode below

Jonathan Bernard & Electra Jarvis

Learn from the best: Jonathan Bernard (Street Leafs) & Electra Jarvis (Green Food solutions), both superstars at the Square Roots Program of 2017

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