Interesting conversationsStraight from NYC Agtech week and AVF summit 2017

Get to know the most awesome people

Vertical Zjef went to NYC Agtech week and AVF summit 2017 and had the conversations that you wanted to have.

The first video is of course the Agtech week Kickoff video where Elaine Kung, Jeffrey Landau and Henry Gordon-Smith tell you what the New York Agtech week was all about!

The AMI-session

Prince Charming a.k.a. Vertical Zjef was also part of a vertical farming session during New York Agtech week. Check it out!

The session was from the project Group called AVFami (AMI = Aquaponics, Mushroom and Insects). The special focus for this session was on their latest AVFami crown-jewel: the very first AVFami white paper.

The Issue with Equality in Agtech

Peace on earth starts here. During the NYC Agtech week 2017, there was a session about Gender and Racial Equality in Agtech. This was lead by Yara Nagi, Elaine Kung and Sierra Clark. Vertical_Zjef aka Prince Charming wouldn’t be prince charming if he didn’t try to understand this issue, so he had a heart to heart with these 3 leaders.

Enjoy the compilation of the 3 interviews with these 3 awesome ladies about the issue with Gender and Racial equality in Agtech.

The AVF summit 2017

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) holds a yearly gathering to talk about the most pressing matters in the vertical farming industry. Vertical_Zjef went there to talk to a lot of interesting people and pick their brains about their views and wisdom on Vertical Farming.

A great conversation with Penny McBride

The amazing Penny McBride co-founded Vertical Harvest (a 3 story vertical farm) and is now board member of the Association for Vertical Farming.

She’s a great person with amazing insights and leadership skills. Find out in this great conversation Vertical Zjef had with Penny where he dropped some bombs and she handled it amazingly well. IN this video you’ll learn about starting a farm, the importance of its social impact and the issues with automation.