Aspiring Vertical Farmers

Every great story has a beginning

There’s a lot you can learn from the best and the pioneers. They will tell you their success-stories, but they will not often tell you all the hassle they had to go through. That is what you can also learn from the farmers that are just starting.

What are urban and vertical farmers doing in the early stages of their projects? What are they struggling with and how did they already change? Learn from the 12 steps of aspiring urban and vertical farmers on they way to success

The 12 steps of Future Alex

This documentary of Future Alex tells you the story of a young entrepreneur from Ghent (Belgium) who’s 7 months into the quest of starting up his own business.

During the day, Alex Hanssens works with an oculist, yet in his spare time he’s following his dreams by starting up his own vertical farming business called Future Farming.

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