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If you registered, you should have gotten an email with all of your information, also your password. Of course, you can always change your password in your account details

  1. Go to the LogIn Page
    1. Log in or Register
  2. Go to Affiliate Area
    1. Use the provided affiliate links
    2. Or generate customised affiliate links
  3. Spread the affiliate links around the internet
  4. Do you have more questions contact us via grow@12stepstofarming.net

The commission rate is 10%.

The more sales you make via your affiliate links, the more possibilities:

  • 2 sales: Lifetime access to the 12 steps
  • 5 sales: Affiliate commission raises to 15%
  • 10 sales: Affiliate commission raises to 20%
  • 15 sales: Unlock 15% Discount-code for your followers
  • 20 sales: Affiliate commission raises to 25%
  • 50 sales: Affiliate commission raises to 30%
  • 75 sales: Unlock 30% Discount-code for your followers
  • 100 sales: Affiliate commission raises to 35%
  • 150 sales: Affiliate commission raises to 40%
  • 200 sales: The 12 steps makes a video about your organisation or an organisation to your liking

For professional  there are customised commission rates with associated conditions. For more info contact us via grow@12stepstofarming.net

Depends of course what product you buy: Lifetime access or an independent season. Yet generally you’ll get:

  • Access to the secret community of 12 steps farmers.
  • Access to many 10 in depth video interviews – up to 10 hours of video material already
  • 2 unique video-tours at Urban Farming facilities
  • Structured educational content
  • A lot of extra information that will help you take steps to become an Urban or Vertical Farmer
  • Access to future content
  • Our eternal gratitude